Things to do in Greenville SC 

South Carolina is a state well-known for its sea islands and subtropical beaches. However, there are smaller Cities within this magnificent capital that offer more than just points of interest for both local and international visitors.

The city of Greenville, SC, has a lot of parks, museums, and neighborhoods as compared to the adjacent cities. Children, families, scholars, and locals are the most frequent people known to visit this city to enjoy what it offers.

Here, we are going to focus on major tourist attractions, fun activities that you can do, and ideal places to tour with family in Greenville SC.

Unique points of interest

There are three destinations for you to visit and enjoy.

The Greenville zoo

An ideal location that frequents families, The Greenville zoo is one location that exhibits both common and rare species of primates, giraffes, and lions. Accessing this amenity has been made easy with the well-connected road network.  Here is a look at the Greenville Zoo.

The Museum of Confederate History

If you are interested in understanding the history and transformation of the state of Greenville, this is the perfect place to be. A common location for scholars, The Museum houses old artifacts, portraits, and historical documents used for learning.

The Bob Jones University Museum

For the Art lovers, this one of a kind location offers hundreds of unique European paintings, sculptures, and ancient architectures among other significant historical data for both local tourists and international visitors to appreciate.

Different activities to enjoy.

Greenville has some of the most interesting activities for the family to enjoy. Fun parks located strategically in the city caters interesting entertainments.

Below are three ideal locations.

Frankie’s Fun Park

If you have never enjoyed the fun at go-kart tracks, arcade gaming hall, or the fun house, this is the place to be. A fun location that is ideal for children of all ages, Frankie’s Fun Park is a cheap place to take your family during the holidays or on weekends.

Movies at Digital and 3D Cinemas

Enjoy the night time out at local cinema houses to enjoy not only the latest movies but digital and 3D shows of your favorite movie collections.  The Cinemas are a fun place to visit with your family.

Below are three ideal cinema houses to consider.

  1. The Regal Cinemas Cherrydale 16
  2. Warehouse theatre.
  3. Camelot Cinemas.

Visit the sports complex and runway park in Greenville

To enjoy a fun time out with your family, there is the Kroc tennis complex open to the public every day of the week where children enjoy tennis lessons from professional coaches. Also, the runway park located on the Eastern side of the city offers both curricular and extracurricular activities for visiting students.

Key features of the Runway Park: The huge educational amphitheater and open playground offer a good environment for your children.