How to Bake Cookies With Figs and Other Ingredients

There's nothing quite like a big, fresh basket of Italian Cookies to send friends and family on vacation to your house for a delightful surprise. Italian Figs, also known as Cucidati, are the ideal addition to any platter. Also called Cucidati, these Sicilian Figs have a nutty, sweet, date and fig flavor with hints of lemon. Although they may not be the most attractive looking cookie, the aroma and flavors make it worth picking up if you're in need of a treat. It's easy to think that Italian cookies are primarily a mixture of nuts. This is simply not the case. When it comes to flavorings, the options are endless. You can use nuts, chocolate chips, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, raisins, honey or licorice to name a few. If you're looking…
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