How to Bake Cookies With Figs and Other Ingredients

There’s nothing quite like a big, fresh basket of Italian Cookies to send friends and family on vacation to your house for a delightful surprise. Italian Figs, also known as Cucidati, are the ideal addition to any platter. Also called Cucidati, these Sicilian Figs have a nutty, sweet, date and fig flavor with hints of lemon. Although they may not be the most attractive looking cookie, the aroma and flavors make it worth picking up if you’re in need of a treat.

It’s easy to think that Italian cookies are primarily a mixture of nuts. This is simply not the case. When it comes to flavorings, the options are endless. You can use nuts, chocolate chips, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, raisins, honey or licorice to name a few. If you’re looking for an especially spicy cookie recipe, consider using cayenne, chili powder, or powdered sugar along with the unsweetened, unflavored chocolate chips. Adding canned fruit and milk will help bring out the richness of the filling, while adding raisins and dried fruit will help enhance the nutty texture.

One of the most popular flavors for Italian cookies is the famous Cucidati. This flavorful mixture consists of figs, dates and spices. Although figs are a traditional component of Italian cuisine, you can use any type of fig mixture in these tasty treats. The wonderful thing about the fig mixture is it stays sweet all day long. If you do happen to run out of figs at home, you can substitute frozen or canned figs. The spices in the mixture make it even more addictive because it has a slight sweetness from the spices as well as the fig pieces.

Another delicious Italian cookie recipe that is popular is the Sicilian chocolate chip cookies. The main ingredient used in this delicious pastry is white chocolate. There are many names for white chocolate such as Swiss, Cheddar and milk. These provide a smooth consistency with a hint of Nutmeg and Clove. You’ll love the way it melts in your mouth. A scoop of ice cream on top makes it even more delightful.

A good tip when it comes to making the italian fig cookies is to pre-heat your oven. This allows the biscuits to be baked at a faster pace. The figs play a vital role in providing the sweetness as well as the flavor to this recipe. You can also add nuts and raisins to the batter as it is baking. However, it is important to note it should not be combined too much as it might melt.

There is another unique Italian cookie recipe that is made with a combination of egg and raisins. The recipe is called Cucidati. You will need uncooked egg, whole wheat flour, grated carrots, green or red cucidati, chopped figs, and sugar. All these ingredients should be mixed together. The mixture is then baked at a low temperature. This recipe uses raisins which provide a sweet taste to the Italian cookies.

The other amazing sicilian cookies recipe is the Sicilian Mud Pie. This recipe uses crushed apricots, but you can use any other type of figs as well. It is simply a matter of choosing whether you would like to use raisins, honey or cranberries in your recipe. The mixture is then rolled out and cut into individual cakes. This is then baked at a low temperature.

In general, it takes about five minutes in the oven when baking cookies. Baking is easy because all you have to do is simply mix the dry ingredients together and then bake it in the oven. Once it comes out, you can now either cut it into small pieces or let it cool down a bit before you cut it into slices. If you prefer to make icing on your Italian cookies, all you have to do is bake it for about five minutes before removing it from the oven and using a food color as a brush to ensure it is nice and smooth.

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