Backlinks Uncovered – The Truth About DA and DR Metrics

DA or also known as Domain Authority and Domain Rating are common metrics used to acknowledge good quality sites when creating links.

The speculation is that due to the fact that sites with a high DR or DA have a lot of links that are pointing towards them, the algorithm of google considers them to be very authoritative.

In addition, if you land on authority backlinks that are high, this will help in turn and push upward your own DA score.

In a lot of cases, this theory is very much correct. The authoritative sites mostly on the web typically do have high DA and DR scores.

But Google does not care much about the metrics we make use of.

The very truth is, there is a big number of sites that have a good rank due to the fact that they have a strong topical relevance, a smaller quantity of powerful links and amazing content.

Conversely, there are a lot of certain sites with a good DR score, which is terrible in reality and low-quality websites.

A link from some of these websites is to improve unlikely your rankings. In addition, it could even hurt it.

This will be painful especially if you have bought a building service link for one of these good DA or DR links.

How Can such a Site with Low Quality Have a good DA/DR?

DA and DR may be good when it comes to predicting the quality of a website. However, sometimes it is bad, sites that are spammy will also have excellent domain metrics.

Expired Domains

When a website will shut down, the links that were built up over time are still pointing to the domain. SEOs may purchase these expired domains and build new sites on them.

If they do this, the all-new site will look to have firm domain metrics even if the links are not related to the content. Not all of the sites built on domains that are expired are bad; it usually depends on the new owner’s plan on how he does with it.

Old Websites

Sometimes an owner of a site will build a new site then transfer their focus elsewhere. A certain site might still have a lot of pointing links to it and because of this, it gets to keep its authority. However, it may have stopped for a long time from being relevant.

Usually, when a site owner with a high DR will stop focusing on a site, they still know they can produce money by selling the backlinks. With this, they begin accepting guest posts that with low-quality that offer small value to the reader.

Black Hat Link Building

A fresh owner of a site can employ techniques for black hat link building in order to add up rapidly the authority of the domain. This will work until the time that Google notices what the website is actually doing and issues a penalty or may ignore the links.Backlinkboss is example for black-white hat SEO

Even if Google will punish the site for its weak links, that website will still get to maintain a high DA or DR score, this causes such a problem when you are trying to identify a website’s value.

What Other Things Should You make use of to Assess a Website’s Quality?

If you are not just going to make use of DR and DA, then what other things should search for? There are a lot of signs you can make use of to tell if the website is bad or good.


Content and Aesthetics is the main thing you should usually look at. It is also normally the easiest to assess, you do not need any good quality SEO tools, simply use your eyes and intuition.


The PBNs and guest post farms will sometimes use a normal blog template without using any custom design. This will only use stock images likely. While there are some owners of PBN who are putting more of their effort into having their site look very good, many are not.

Outgoing Links

Websites that are used only for link building will have outgoing links unnaturally. These usually links will add on small value to the content and can look generally like they do not belong in a certain article.